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Mutli Dwelling Units (MDU) Cabling and Security

Structured Cabling

A properly installed network is the key to seamless connectivity across all of your properties. This foundation is built upon structured cabling, the physical infrastructure of cables and server racks that facilitates each connection.

Our team at Solucom Technology consists of experts in the field of data network implementation. Setting the standard for communications in Ottawa, every new project will be handled from the initial design to the final testing to verify reliable connectivity.

Structured Cabling Solutions:

  • Voice/Data, Fiber Optic, COAX
  • Outdoor Underground & Aerial cabling
  • RCDD Infrastructure Design & Certification
  • Auto-CAD Documentation
  • TIA/EIA & IEEE Compliance Verification/Diagnostics

Access Control

Solucom Technology is a leading provider of the best access control solutions throughout the Western Provinces. Keeping your home safe and allowing only authorized personnel is a fundamental aspect of security and with our solutions; you can realize this is the most efficient manner possible. Our team will provide you with the right hardware, software, and policies that will keep your home and your property as safe as possible. If you are looking to boost the security of your home, contact us today and we’ll talk you through what’s right for you and your unique requirements.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the keys ways in which your home can defend its premises against threats. Digital video surveillance is a key deterrent in protecting your property and is a must-have security solution in today’s day and age. CCTV systems provide you with both live and recorded images that cover every inch of your premises. If your home is lacking modern systems, now is the perfect time to upgrade to HD video solutions. The expert team at Solucom Technology will analyze your properties unique requirements before delivering the custom system that is best for your needs and your budget.

Alarm Monitoring

An accurate and responsive alarm monitoring system is a vital part of your security system. Alarms not only let the police and security guards know, but it lets your on-site team know if there’s any issues. We can work with your team to analyze what’s right for your home and keep your family safe and secure with the very best solutions. Morning, noon, and night, with the help of our industry-leading alarm monitoring systems, your home will be in safe hands. Our best-in-class alarm monitoring system is the safest way to keep your home and your property as safe as possible.

Residential Intrusion Detection

Many of us take steps to secure our buidlings from intruders, but what about our home? If an intruder tries to break into your home, what precautions are in place to stop them? In 2019 alone, there were over 160,000 burglaries in Canada. The key to making sure you’re not one of those targets is proper intrusion detection. Of course, every home has different needs when it comes to security. Solucom Technology offers a team of residential security experts that will assess your home, pinpoint your vulnerabilities, and determine the best way to keep your property safe and sound.

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