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Why use AkiSens?

AkiSens (IoT) solutions specialize in risk management, protecting your building from water damage, while securing owners’ real estate (or personal assets). The most advanced on the market for your condominium.

Inovative products

Intelligent water leak monitoring system with high-level components

  • Intuitive control panel
  • Unique detector with advanced functions
  • Automatic valve that closes automatically
  • Several other innovative components
  • Designed and made in Canada
  • Water flow module with an integrated water meter, that detects abnormalities

Intelligent platform (Akicentral)

Tailor-made for risk management in multi-housing and condominium buildings. (condos) Also ideal for commercial properties and residential homes.

  • Accessible on web and mobile
  • Detailed reports of each issue
  • Real time notifications when a water risk is detected
  • Monitoring of network status and installed components
  • Personalized for owners, co-owners, managers, syndicates and, certified partners

Improved wireless network

AkiSens uses an LoRaWAN radio telecommunication protocol, to provide a secure and efficient wireless network for your building.

  • No Wi-Fi needed
  • Your own personal system
  • No access point required for our technology
  • Each product issues its own unique notifications
  • Gateway that communicates between your control panel, and the AkiCentral platform.

User support (AkiSupport)

Our technical support is tailored to your needs, and those of your property.

  • 24/7 support
  • Training of AkiSens solutions
  • Demonstration of the AkiCentral platform
  • Personalized for owners, co-owners, managers, syndicates and, certified partners

avoid water leaks in your property.

See how akisens ensures the protection of your investment.

Immediate detection, immediate reaction, real-time notification!




Step 1


The AkiSens system detects risks for your property, such as…

Step 2

Immediate reaction

When a potential risk is detected by the system, it will automatically perform..

Step 3


The building management, the condo association, or the co-owner/tenant will be notified by…



Discover our SMART platform AkiCentral.


The risk management platform monitors the proper functioning of the system, and provides notifications in real time. In addition, it makes it possible to control all the devices installed in the building, or the property.


A reality in a condo environment!

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